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💠 Слив MythicGraveyards [5.0]
Краткое описание: Create MMO-style graveyards where players can respawn on death, with lots of flexible options!

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Реакции: kryioxism, Nimesyss, Urizen и ещё 7
Для версий
  1. 1.16.+
  2. 1.17.+
  3. 1.18+
Required DependenciesMythic v5.0.0+
A simple system for creating MMO-style respawn points

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Graveyards is a simple RPG plugin that allows you to turn blocks into "graveyards". After dying, players can spawn at a nearby graveyard if they meet the necessary conditions to spawn there based on options you can set. Graveyards lets you set up respawn locations that function just like in most MMORPGs. Or, if no eligible graveyards are found, players will fall back to spawning at spawn or their bed normally.

Each graveyard supports permissions/factions, and you can even make certain graveyards only function if a player has discovered them first.

Special Effects
Graveyards also integrates with Для просмотра ссылки Войди или Зарегистрируйся, so you can trigger Mythic skills and effects on people when they respawn, allowing you to give your graveyards special effects (such as making someone invulnerable for a certain amount of time after respawn, or triggering particle effects, or anything!)



  • /gy or /graveyards- Lists all commands available.
  • /gy add [name] - Turns the block you are looking at into a graveyard. Players will spawn on top of this block if they are sent to this graveyard (admin command).
  • /gy set - Lists off all available options for graveyards.
  • /gy set [name] [option] [value] - Allows you to change graveyard options from in-game (admin command).
  • /gy remove [name] - Removes the given graveyard (admin command).
  • /gy list <range> - Lists all graveyards, optionally within <range> blocks. If the player doesn't have admin permissions, it will only list graveyards they know of.
  • /gy listall - Lists all graveyards on the server (admin command).
  • /gy info [name] - Gives you information about the given graveyard (admin command).
  • /gy tp [name] - Teleport to the given graveyard (admin command).
  • graveyards.admin - Gives access to all Graveyards admin commands.
  • graveyards.info - Gives access to the basic info commands (/gy nearest and /gy list), for regular players.
  • graveyards.faction.<faction> - Allows players to spawn at a graveyard owned by <faction>
Please Note: The latest versions require Java 16


Make sure you join the huge, active MythicCraft community to get help and support on our Discord Server, where you can ask questions, get ideas, and more, directly from the developers, as well as countless other server owners!

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Official Server: play.theloungemc.com (in Minecraft)
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